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He said a vehicle born IED struck and killed and injured both American and Iraqi soldiers, and while they were aiding soldiers they came under fire. My brigade commander called and said turn your vehicle around your guys are ready for further evacuation,” Adkins said. “We turned around and went about one hundred meters and my vehicle was struck by an IED.” Adkins said the post blast analysis indicated it was a mortar buried in a pothole full of water and a man in a vehicle punched a button to detonate it. I will tell you if the trigger man would have been two seconds slower or my driver had been two seconds faster I would probably not be sitting here because it went right up in front of my vehicle in between my driver and I, Adkins said. go to these guysAdkins only suffered a concussion, a broken toe and minor injuries. He said he feels blessed to be alive. This happened just two days after Christmas in 2006. His first request to receive the Purple Heart was denied, but he finally received it in December of 2012. He said this award isn’t something any soldier goes looking forand thatthere is always that bond between all veterans. “That’s regardless of whether you’ve received the Purple Heart or not and that’s what we love,” Adkins said.

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