To Compress The Affected Area, Wrap It Loosely With An Ace Bandage.

Sometimes an injury or a blow to the ankle may cause the bones to break. Scroll down to know all about it, including its causes and treatment methods. To compress the affected area, wrap it loosely with an ACE bandage. ✔ While sleeping or resting, keep the affected foot in an elevated position. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a podiatrist. Fibula fracture treatment depends on the type of fracture that has occurred. A broken ankle requires about 6 weeks to heal on an average. Other types are greenstick fracture, spiral fracture, compression fracture, oblique fracture, transverse fracture, and comminuted fracture. This article deals with the symptoms, causes, and a few tips on improving the poor circulation in hands and feet. These are characterized by swelling of the affected area and an inability to move the muscular joint.

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