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Republicans, with majorities from that party saying “I don’t identify with what America has become” and “I feel like a stranger in my own country.” Trump spoke directly to those feelings with those stupid red hats. If you feel like America is changing around you, you’re not going to vote for the candidate asking you to embrace what we have in common; you’re going to vote for the one telling you we can roll back all those changes. Further, exit polling data show s clearly that Clinton won low-income Americans’ votes. Some of that is because she overwhelmingly won the youth vote, and younger people early in their careers don’t make as much as their older counterparts. But it’s also because Trump’s message of protectionism and nostalgia was tailored to those with something to protect higher incomes and a past worth glorifying. But perhaps most importantly, Republican voters themselves admit to exactly the “whitelash” Lilla says is a figment of our imaginations. University of Wisconsin political science professor Katherine Cramer has been going Jane Goodall with Wisconsin’s small-town, rural white voters for a decade. In a recent piece for Vox , she describes both the run-up to and immediate after-effects of the election. Despite data showing that these groups were not disadvantaged compared to other groups in the state, “people expressed a deeply felt sense of not getting their ‘fair share.'” They felt marginalized by everything from participation in state decision-making to state investment in their communities. Again, Cramer says, they were not getting the shaft on taxes, and consider that every leadership position in state government (aside from Walker, a suburban Milwaukeean) is held by someone not from Madison or Milwaukee.

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In this guzzle article, we tell you more about this disease, including the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options… But the good news is, a decent PPS isn’t that hard on your wallet. This can be attributed to underinvestment in infrastructure. Avoid smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. I for one, follow this strictly. Consequences of Ozone Depletion of the ozone layer is a threat to human life, and to that of animals as well. Here is more about deafness in dogs, and how to detect and deal with the condition. Though the problem of ear drainage is experienced quite rarely by adults, it can be a serious issue. This article lists all the possible causes and treatment methods for the same.

Take some ice cubes. Inflammation in the bursa of the knees is known as knee bursitis that gives pain above the knee. quarry foot surgerySuch a kind of deformity, where the bone pokes out of the skin, is not present in a sprained ankle. Wrap ice in a towel and compress it against the affected area never use ice directly on the swollen area. Wear shoes with supportive insoles to minimize the risk of ankle sprains or injuries. Medial ligament sprain or aversion sprain is one of the rare types. They also help in making movements like walking, running, and jumping. bunion anglesIf the injury is mild, then resting alone can relieve the pain. ☞ If the ankle pain is caused by an injury, more often than not, it is followed by swelling. The doctor may evaluate the exact condition and administer medication to further relieve the pain and discomfort.

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