During His Time Away From The Field, Cain Decided To Work His Way Back Onto The Tigers And Rebuild The Trust With His Teammates Dented By His Suspension During Last Year’s Playoff Run.

But it was difficult for him to watch games and not be able to participate. ”We were winning all the Pup Who Chewed Off Own Foot Has Successful Surgery Thanks To Donations | The Huffington Post time so I just thought, ‘Good job,”’ the 6-foot-3 Williams said. ”But we lost the national championship game and I thought, ‘What if I were out there?”’ It’s a question Cain wondered, too. He was so remorseful about his mistake – Cain still won’t discuss specifics about what he did wrong – that he shut off his phone and did not watch Clemson’s loss to Alabama. During his time away from the field, Cain decided to work his way back onto the Tigers and rebuild the trust with his teammates dented by his suspension during last year’s playoff run. about his”I put this program on a pedestal because they’ve done a lot of stuff to help me,” he said. ”I just wasn’t mature enough to see the opportunity they were giving me.” Cain, like Williams, has made the most of his time back on the field. He leads the Tigers front line receivers with 19.1 yards a catch with 640 yards on 33 grabs. His nine touchdowns are second behind Williams. Williams’ time at Clemson will end after the national championship, the junior set to leave the Tigers for the NFL draft where projections have him as likely the first receiver to be picked.

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